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Coaching the FUNdamentals

Published by Anthony Dunne / Monday, July 15, 2013 / Published in LittleStars Blog

At LittleStars, it is our belief as coaches that children are NOT mini adults. 

Many sports clubs coach children as though they are fully developed adults. Indeed at one recent Sunday morning mini rugby section, one of the coaches of the u-7s was seen screaming ʻdefensive lineʼ at the top of her voice to all the children!

Iʼm pretty certain not one of these would be able to explain or even understand what exactly a defensive line is, perhaps she would be best advised to coach the u-15s! It seems that many parents and coaches use children to help them realise their own dreams and aspirations. As a result many children often get turned off from a particular activity or sport while others who continue to play may have less than enjoyable experiences ad drop out further down the line.

We as an organisation, are committed to the belief that a childʼs foundational experiences will have a massive influence on their later decisions to play sport. Fun and enjoyable sessions will help to promote a desire to continue partaking in physical activity whatever the activity might be, and fun and enjoyment remain the main reasons why children take part in sport in the first place.

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