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The importance of sport and a child's health

Published by Anthony Dunne / Monday, March 31, 2014 / Published in LittleStars Blog

'Sport has a key role in childhood health'. This is the finding in a recent National Assembly for Wales report that highlights the importance of physical activity in tackling issues such as obesity in the young.

Sport Wales, the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical recreation in Wales, and a key partner of Littlestars Rugby, welcomes the reference to the need for greater collaboration and sharing best practise across the public and private sector in Wales to tackle this vital health issue.

Simon Jones, public affairs manager at Sport Wales said "We firmly believe that sport has a key role to play in improving the overall health of the nation, especially in the young'. "It is pleasing that the inquiry has highlighted the progress that has been made and the impact some of our programmes are having, but this is just part of our approach to get Welsh youngsters active".

"The increase in participation we have seen- including 50% more children hooked on sport, has been created through the sport sector working smarter and in greater partnership with the education sector".

"To take that to the next level, we firmly believe that there is a case to see greater collaboration between the sport and leisure sector and the health sector in tackling illnesses such as obesity". "If we are to reduce obesity, we need to be making physical activity a natural part of people's lives, a habit that is built from the earliest age that is almost not a choice but a lifestyle". "If we do not encourage this lifestyle change from an early age, then the future bill for health services in Wales will be unsustainable". "We have to encourage people to take responsibility for being more active, but make sure that this decision is as easy for them to make as possible".

"Enhancing the importance of PE within the curriculum would send out the clear message to all children and young people that your physical health is as important as your academic ability and we welcome the recent announcement by the Welsh Government to invest in the development of a physical literacy framework within Wales".

LittleStars Rugby is working in collaboration with national bodies Sport Wales and Welsh Government to ensure that these initiatives are taken forward and implemented throughout our national network of venues throughout Wales and beyond.

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