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Build your child's confidence through positivity, teamwork and fair play, develop their key motor skills and physical and social development

LittleStars MegaStars

The programme for 4-7 year olds ╩╗MegaStars╩╝ takes the basic framework and develops the skills learned from the MiniStars programme using more advanced games, skills and drills while still teaching the FUNdamentals of movement. The framework of the sessions follows a group warm up, developing more advanced pass/ catching skills, a variety of kicking techniques, evasion and tag team games all developed whilst maintaining the core elements of structure and working as a team.

The MegaStars class ensures that the development achieved in the MiniStars class continues, and a pathway to mini and junior sports clubs is achieved by ensuring that all the LittleStars have fully developed skills and are able to progress to their clubs full of confidence and raring to go.

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