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Build your child's confidence through positivity, teamwork and fair play, develop their key motor skills and physical and social development

Schools & Education

In addition to our club section, LittleStars Rugby has a specifically designed schools and education programme, running rugby specific classes for children from ages 2-11, which assists both pre-school nursery providers, as well as primary and secondary schools physical education programmes. This is a bespoke and tailored package, which adds value to specific areas of the Foundation Phase and Key Stages.

LittleStars Rugby supports the Foundation Phase framework for children's learning for 2-7 year olds in England and Wales. Specifically, areas of learning in the Foundation Phase which are covered are:

  • Physical Development
  • Personal and Social Development

For each of these areas, LittleStars Rugby schools programme sets out what the children should be taught as well as the outcomes and the expected standards of children's performance.

Including All Children

Under the requirements of equal opportunities legislation covering gender and disability, LittleStars Rugby provides children with an inclusive framework that offers opportunities for ALL children to achieve their full potential in preparation for further learning and life.

Curriculum Cymreig

LittleStars Rugby contributes to the Curriculum Cymreig by developing a child's understanding of the cultural identity unique to Wales, an understanding of Welsh heritage and language by including key words in Welsh and using the strong Welsh affinity with Rugby Football to build this association.

The Foundation Phase for Children's Physical Education from 2-7 States That:

''A child's physical development, enthusiasm and energy for movement should be promoted through helping them use their bodies by encouraging spatial awareness, balance, control, co-ordination and developing motor/ manipulation skills. They should also develop their gross and fine motor skills, physical control, mobility and spatial awareness."

LittleStars Rugby achieves this through a variety of games, drills and skills based activities which ensure all the children taking part in a class fulfil the governments recommended Physical Educational framework for development.

All LittleStars Rugby sessions incorporate the Foundation Phase framework for children's learning in it's programme, and contribute towards positive Foundation Phase outcomes.

Interesting in how our School & Education Programme can benefit you?

Should you be interested in finding out how LittleStars Rugby Pre-School and Education programme can assist your requirements, please call us on for an informal discussion.