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Build your child's confidence through positivity, teamwork and fair play, develop their key motor skills and physical and social development

Terms & Conditions

  1. Please be advised that LittleStars Rugby does not take any responsibility for any items of possession lost, stolen or damaged at any time during a LittleStars Rugby session.
  2. Please remember you are responsible for your child at ALL times during a session. Parents are required to remain on site at all times and not leave a session unless your coach has been informed.
  3. LittleStars Rugby will endeavour to ensure that all venues booked remain constant for the duration of the year, however should circumstances beyond our control mean that our venue has to change, LittleStars Rugby will ensure sufficient notification of at least 4 weeks is provided.
  4. All LittleStars Rugby sessions will begin promptly at the due time stated. Should for any reason a session begin late then the session will run for the full length of the duration of the class as stated (45 minutes).
  5. It is the parent/ carers responsibility to inform LittleStars Rugby coaches and management of any pre-existing medical conditions which may affect the child during a session. No responsibility will be taken for any medical condition which affects a child during a session, should this not have been disclosed at the point of registration or prior to a session.
  6. All venues have been subjected to a thorough risk assessment policy prior to becoming confirmed as a LittleStars Rugby venue. Before every session, the venue will be checked for any potential hazards which may affect a class and ensure maximum safety is maintained.
  7. Should you wish to terminate your child's membership, you will be entitled to receive 50% of the remaining sessions that term, which have been paid in advance.
  8. Should a child receive an injury during a session, the LittleStars Rugby coach will administer basic first aid, however no LittleStars Rugby coach is qualified to give medical advice and you should always seek proper medical assistance should you have any concerns following an injury.
  9. Should you order a LittleStars Rugby kit, we will endeavour to get it to you within 10 working days, however no guarantee can be given on supplier stock levels and or changes to the kit design.
  10. Please note that we are insured to hold our sessions outside and will endeavour to run the sessions on a suitable grass based area during the months March-September. LittleStars coaches will always check the surface prior to running the class for any items that may potentailly be hazardous, however we must remind you that your child/children remain your responsibility at all times, and you should ensure that they remain under your supervision at all times throughout the class.
  11. Should any class be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, we will endeavour to re-schedule the missed class during the term. Where no alternative date can be arranged, no refund will be provided for the cancelled session.
  12. If any class is cancelled due to poor turnout, the remaining number of sessions that term will be refunded, less the fee for the sessions which have already taken place.
  13. Any refund for cancelled classes will be sent out by business cheque, within 5 working days of the cancellation. Should you wish your refund be repaid by PayPal, this refund will be minus the PayPal deduction of £2.00 per transaction.
  14. Please note that we do not allow any individuals to take any photo or video images of any children taking part in a session unless this have been granted via prior consent. Please note parents, guardians and family members are only allowed to photograph their own children. Should LittleStars Rugby wish to use any images for promotional and or advertising purposes, then prior consent will be requested from all parents and guardians at the session or event at the time.